Indian & The Jones and Lainey Wright


Indian & The Jones and Lainey Wright


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Combining sounds and elements of American folk music, bluegrass, old time music, country music, and modern folk songwriting, Indian and the Jones crafts a fresh sound that harkens back to the deep, illustrious musical traditions of America. 

With Schaefer's pop background, Dossey's country roots, and Evan's deep knowledge of traditional fiddle tunes and folk tradition, Indian & The Jones beautifully marries their collective love of crafting great songs with their deep roots in Texas music. These three know how to write songs that are fun, catchy to the core.



Austin, TX is home for singer/songwriter Lainey Wright. In January she released a new project, "Weeping Willow Tree," a no-frills EP where the sincerest of words and richest of melodies are what matter most. After a month long tour of Norway, Lainey recently returned to Texas where she continues to write and perform her music.

Paul Colman has produced Lainey’s most recent project, as well as her previous full-length album, Traveler. “Lainey Wright's music is catchy and deep and performed with a voice so beautiful that you would believe her no matter what she was singing about,” says Colman. 

With the release of her latest project, Lainey hopes to find common ground with listeners as she explores love and loss, faith and doubt, all while journeying through this beautiful life.

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