Here at The Great Woods, we believe in providing great content at an affordable price. We know that you're in it for the art, man! Don't worry about all the other details, and focus on your craft. Let us get you set up online so that you can do what's important - continue making awesome stuff, and connect with your fans. 

We are pleased to offer a variety of creative services that we would love to tailor to your own specific needs and brand.


Brand Development & Management

Here at The Great Woods, we pride ourselves on being experts at making you look your best. Before we ever put pen to ink or pick a perfect Pantone palette, we spend hours researching exactly who you are, and what your brand should communicate. We are total nerds about the “elevator pitch”, and we want people to know who you are by simply looking at your logo.


Photo and Video Production

High quality photos and videos are some of the most engaging content that you can offer to your audience. A high quality photo can mean the difference between getting asked to open on that big tour, or getting invited to bake the cupcakes for that couple’s 50th anniversary. Video is twice as engaging as photos are online. So take it from us, this is important.



It doesn’t matter how great your show was, or how delicious your meatball marinara is, or how under budget your 3-story office complex build came, if a client does not have something to take home with them when the show’s over, it might as well never have happened. Let your fans remember you with innovative and attractive merchandise that they will actually use.


SEO and Analytics

So what if you have the slickest website on the internet? If your fans can’t find you with a one keyword search, it does not matter a bit. Through a very detailed research process, we discover what keywords and information is competitive for you in your market and implement them throughout the content of the front and back end of your website. Your brand should appear a the top page of search results, or we have not done our job.


Social Media Management

We know, you HATE managing your Instagram account. We get it. Let us take this, (and all those annoying other little necessary evils) off your hands.


Special Event Planning & Execution

Let’s face it, your customers are not engaging with your brand in the same way they were even a year ago. With how easy it is to launch a pretty decent looking website, or to open a Facebook account, everyone and their dog is selling you something. You HAVE TO be the most innovative, the most creative, and the most sincere. We believe that a very pivotal way to communicate those 3 values is by hosting branded special events. Invite them to be part of an event where they can feel special and valued.